How To Download Previous Versions of Apps

When you update an app, and you find out that it crashes every time you open it, you just want to go back to the times when it worked. Or when you update an app, and ads appear in the app. What if you just wanted to use the app the way it was before. There is one simple trick to download previous versions of an app.

All you need is a jailbroken device and Installous. Using Installous, go to "Search and search the app you want to download. Then, select the app. Then tap on "Download" There should be a list of download links like the picture to the left. Select the older version you want to download. Then download it as you would normally download an Installous app. Now you have the older version of the app.

Note: The App Store will now bug you with the badges. It will tell you that your app is out-of-date and you should update. Just ignore that. If you can't, there is a tweak called "No Badges" on the Cydia store that gets rid of all badges on apps.

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UPDATE: Installous has shut down, so this won't work anymore. But you can use alternate Installous apps that work just the same way as this, such as vShare or App Cake. Visit How to Get Free Apps without Installous for more information on vShare and App Cake

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