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UPDATE: Unfortunately, the company that has Installous, has shut down. But you can visit How to Get Free Apps without Installous by clicking on the link.

Wondering how to get free apps?
Follow these steps. Remember your iPod must be jailbroken.

1. Open Cydia.
2. Go to Manage
3. Tap on Sources
4. Tap on Edit
5. Tap on Add
6. Add the source- ""
7. Once added, go to the search section and search "Installous"
8. Tap on "Installous 4".
9. Tap Install
10. Tap Confirm

Now you are done installing the app. Next, I'll tell you how to use it.

This shows the links to
download the app
1. Go to search
2. Search the app you want to download.
3. Tap the app you see on the list that you want to download.
4. It will show a page like the app store page except there is a green button called "download"
5. Tap download. You will see many numbers. These are the app versions. You will also see many websites such as or These all are different links to download the app. First choose the version you want to download. Then then tap a link under the version you want. Go with filedude, fileape, or mediafire.

Tap the blue button. And it will take you to a screen that tells you to type four charcters then procede. Type the four characters and enter. Then you will see the word "download" in blue and underlined. Tap on that and your download will  begin.

This shows a picture of downloading
with Mediafire
The screen shown will show you two options- regular and premium. Tap "Regular" and wait 10 seconds. After the 10 seconds is up, tap on the download button. Your download will begin.

(this is the fastest download and if you find one of these, it's the best!). Wait for sometime until a the "Processing download request" turns into a blue link that says "Download ready. Click here" Tap on that blue link and your app will start downloading.

Wait until the app is done installing, then press the home button to go back to the springboard. Your new app has been downloaded.

If the app does not open/crashes, try a different link from the link selection. 

Updating Apps
Go to the "Update" section. Tap on the app you want to update. It will be at the same download screen as before. Click the green download button, and this time choose the new updated version and choose a link from that. Then continue downloading the app.

Continue through the procedure above and your app will be updated. 

Syncing With iTunes
If you sync your jailbroken iPod touch and it has apps downloaded from Installous, make sure you download AppSync in Cydia.  That way your cracked apps won't be deleted when syncing. Remember to transfer purchases (which you really didn't do) to transfer your cracked apps.

Free In-App Purchases
When you download a cracked app, you cannot download in-app purchases from the App Store because you didn't buy it. But there is a solution. You can get in-app purchases and even better--for FREE! Just follow these steps.

1. Open Cydia

2. Go to Manage
3. Tap on Sources
4. Tap on Edit
5. Tap on Add
6. Add the source- " "

7. Once added, go to the search section and search "iAP Cracker
(it's the add-on that allow FREE in-app purchases)
8. Install iAP Cracker
9. Now, you can get free in-app purchases. Just get an in-app purchases as you normally would.

Note: not all apps will work. If it asks you to type in your iTunes passsword, it's gonna charge you money. So if it pops up, close it.

Here are some apps that work with iAP Cracker:

Talking Tom Cat 1&2
Zombie Highway
Temple Run
Pocket Frogs
Impossible Game
Cut the Rope
Jetpack Joyride
Angry Birds
Angry Birds Seasons
Need For Speed
Early Bird
Paper Toss
Sims (many versions)
Textfree with voice
Any game where you have to farm, fish, build, take care of something (ex. Tap Fish, Farmville, Smurf's Village, City Story, etc.)

...and many more!!!

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