How to Jailbreak

This page will show you how to jailbreak. Just find your iOS and click on that link. It will redirect you to a page to how to jailbreak that iOS.  If you don't know your iOS go to this link to find out. Once you've successfully jailbroken your device, visit my page on Cydia to get started. Before you jailbreak, make sure you back up your device on iTunes, so your stuff will still be there. 

iOS 6.0-6.1.2
iOS 5.1.1
iOS 5.0.1 
iOS 5.0
iOS 4.3.5 
iOS 4.3.4
iOS 4.3.3
iOS 4.3.2
iOS 4.3.1
iOS 4.3
iOS 4.2.1 
iOS 4.1 
iOS 4.0.2
iOS 4.0.1 
iOS 4.0 
iOS 3.1.3 
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