How to SSH

First of all what is SSH. SSH is secure shell. It allows you to transfer data in a secure channel between two networked devices. So if you have something on the computer that you want to transfer on your iPod/iPhone, then you can SSH into your device. This tutorial is for Windows. Scroll down for Mac.

iPod touch/iPhone
OpenSSH (program from Cydia)
Internet Connection

Part 1
1. Open Cydia
2. Go to "Sections"
3. Go to "Networking"
4. Scroll down to "OpenSSH"
5. Install OpenSSH
6. Press home button and open Settings
7. Tap "Wifi"
8. Tap the little blue arrow on the Wifi connection you are on.
9. It will take you to a screen that says "IP Address"
10. The IP Address is located where its says ip address. It will have numbers and periods in between them. Remember that number.

Part 2
1. Go to your computer.
2. Download WinSCP here
3. Once done downloading and installing, open WinSCP
4. Put in iPod touch/iPhone's IP Address in the "Host name" box.
5. In the "User name" box, enter "root"
6. In the "Password" box enter "alpine"
7. Click login.
(if a warning box comes up, click "add")
8. Once it is done, WinSCP is ready to use.

The left side is the computer's files, the right is your iPod touch's files.

To Transfer A File
1. At the left side, browse the file you want to transfer
2. Select the file. Then at the bottom of the screen click "F5 Copy"
3. A pop up window will say if you want to copy it there, click "OK" if you want to transfer the file there. If you don't want to tranfer the file there, change the location, then repeat steps 1 and 2
4. A pop up window will start copying the file.
5. Your file is now on the iPod touch

You can view the files in iFile. Just go to the location where you copied the file.
To terminate the connection, close the window and click "OK" when the pop up window asks you to

WinSCP is not compatible with Mac, so the Mac alternative is Cyberduck, which you can download here. The application is located in a zip file. Part 1 is the same as above, but here is Part 2 for Mac.

1. Click "Open Connection"
2. On the pull down menu, press it and click SFTP SSH File Transfer Protocol
3. In the server box, put in your device's IP address.
4. In the username box, type in "root"
5. In the password box, type in "alpine"
6. Click Connect
(If a warning box pops up, click add)
7. Now you are connected to your Mac.

To Transfer a File
1. Find the location where you want the file in
2. Open a new Finder window.
3. Find the file you want to transfer.
4. Drag the file from Finder into the location you want the file in (on your device)
5. A popup window will say it's transferring.
6. You have transferred the file from your Mac to your device.


  • You can transfer from your iDevice to your computer, just drag the file from your device to a place in Finder/Windows Explorer. 
  • For security reasons, you may want to change the default password of "alpine" to something else. Just follow these steps
1. Download "Mobile Terminal" from Cydia.
2. Open Mobile Terminal
3. Type in "su" and then return. 
4. Type in the password, "alpine"
5. Type in "passwd" and return. It will say "Changing password for root"
6. Type in your new password and then once more for confirmation.
7. From now on when you SSH, you will type that password instead of the default alpine. 

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