How to Get Free iBooks Without Jailbreak

No Jailbreak necessary!!
As you guys may have read, I have a tutorial on how to get iBooks with a jailbreak. But what if you don't want to jailbreak your device, or your device can't be jailbroken at the moment. That would be a bummer. But there is a way to get iBooks even without a jailbreak. This is the method to get free iBooks without jailbreaking.You can get the iBooks on any device with iBooks on it.Make sure you have a computer with internet connection and iTunes.

1. First perform a Google search. Search your book and the words "free pdf download 4shared" . For example, if you want to read the book The Hunger Games, search "the hunger games free pdf download 4shared.
2. There will be many links with the PDF file, and just choose one. After finding a PDF of your book, download it. (Make sure to sign up for a 4shared account to download from them, it's free). Just click the "Download Now" button. You will have to wait a minute for the download to appear (for free accounts)
3. Once downloaded the file, make sure you can located it on your computer
4. Next, go to
5. On this site, you can convert the PDF you downloaded to an EPUB file, which iBooks can read. Just Click "Browse" and then select the file you've downloaded
6. After that, click "Upload Files"
7. The second step is to set your parameters. You can set the book's title and author. Then right click the words "Convert files to EPUB" and save the link. This is how you save your EPUB file.
8. Then, open iTunes and go to the Books section. Drag your EPUB into your iTunes library. If you want to edit information about the book, just right click the book and click "Get Info"
9. After your book is ready to go, just sync that book to your device.
10. Finally, open iBooks on your device, and your new book should appear in your library. Now you can start reading your new iBook.

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