Whited00r 6 - iOS 6 features for iPhone 2G/3G and iPod touch 1G/2G

A while back, I wrote about Whited00r 5, which was a custom firmware that gave iOS 5 features to your old devices. But now, there's a newer version of Whited00r- Whited00r 6. This new update has a lot of new features that I will talk about.
Now if you haven't read my previous post, Whited00r 6 is custom firmware made by developers and it has many iOS 6 features included. It is not exactly iOS 6, its is just a heavily modified version of iOS 3.1.3. You can install it directly through iTunes, by restoring to the Whited00r firmware. This is free and makes your old device faster and smoother. Now on to the new features.

iOS 6 look and feel: Whited00r 6 tries to make your device as look-alike as possible. Some look-alikes are the music app, which includes the silver of iOS 6, the new dial pad in the Phone app, iOS wallpapers, and more. The dock is reflective, there are icon shadows, and the status bar is translucent. Even with all these cool features, it doesn't make your device slower!

Multitasking: Wait no. Whited00r 6 does not have multitasking (unlike Whited00r 5). Instead, when you double click the home button, it shows you the recently used apps. These apps do not run the background. If you do want multitasking, you'll have to remove this (it's called AppSwitcher) and install Backgrounder and iOS 3 Multitasking, two packages on cydia. You can get Backgrounder from the BigBoss source (which is included) and iOS 3 Multitasking here

Folders and Homescreen Wallpaper: This is pretty much the same as Whited00r 5, you get folders and homescreen wallpaper! Folders are a little bit slow to open and there isn't much animation, but it's a great feature. 

Reminders and iCloud: You get reminders app and iCloud backup. Whited00r uses DropBox to backup your stuff. To find iCloud Back Up, go to App Market (icon looks like App Store) scroll left to backup.

Video Recording:  Video recording is now available in the camera app, just tap the bottom right corner, and it opens up the video recording application! The video recording is very nice. 
Siri Clone: This is one of my favorite features! Just hold the home button for a few seconds, and a Siri clone appears. The clone is actually called Sara, which I have mentioned in this post. You can talk to it and ask it questions like "How heavy is the earth", but when you try to ask it to actually do something, like play music, it freezes. It's really fun to play with though. 

App Market: App market is that one place you can access the App Store, Cydia, your iCloud back up and something special - The Time Machine. Now the Time Machine is a store with older iOS 3 compatible apps. Before, Twitter was compatible with iOS 3, but as you know, now you need a later firmware. The Time Machine has older verison of apps that you can install on your device- for free!

New Share Menu in Safari - name says it all. Also, useful bookmarks are also included, such as "Find in Page" and "Reader" 

Native Features: Native features such as Emoji icons and battery percentage are available, just enable them in Settings. 

Jailbreak and Unlock: Installing Whited00r will automatically jailbreak your device (and unlock it if you choose unlocker firmware for iPhones). The lastest version of Cydia will also be installed! 

So those are some main features of Whited00r 6. It really does make your device faster and a lot cooler too. If you want to see the official video of Whited00r 6, here it is:

Download the Whited00r firmware for your device. If you have an iPhone and you wish to unlock it, download the Unlocker firmware. If you have an AT&T SIM card, then you don't need to unlock, because the old iPhones have that. But if you want T-Mobile or a different GSM sim card you'd like to use, then choose the Unlocker firmware. 

iPhone 2G
iPhone 2G Unlocker

iPhone 3G
iPhone 3G Unlocker

iPod touch 1G
iPod touch 2G

1) Open iTunes and plug in your device
2) Go to the Device tab, and while holding SHIFT (Windows) or ALT (Mac), click "Restore"

A popup will now appear for you to select the firmware file you just downloaded. Find that, then click okay. Then iTunes will do its magic.
3) Wait for iTunes to install your firmware. It's just like the restore process--that white bar moving across. Then iTunes will ask you to set up your device. Choose set up as a new iPhone/iPod. 

4) After Whited00r is installed on your phone, reboot your device.
5) Congrats, you've got Whited00r 6 on your device.

So if when you restore and you have a problem when restoring such as error 1600, 1601, 1603, or 1604, you can download some programs to solve your problem. Download iReb for Windows or Recboot for Mac. 

Where is Cydia?
Cydia is located in the App Market, the icon that looks like the App Store. That is also where the App Store, Backup and other things are. You can always use Spotlight search to find them also.

Photos coutesy of Whited00r.com

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