Jailbreak iOS 6 with Evasi0n

iOS 6 jailbreak is out! The new tool Evasi0n allows you to jailbreak untethered on your devices, including the iPhone 5 and iPad mini! This jailbreak works with iOS 6.0 to 6.1.2. These are the devices that are compatible:
      - iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS
      - iPad 2, 3 (new iPad), 4 (newest one with lightning port)
      - iPad mini
      - iPod touch 4, 5

Before you start
Back up your device to iTunes - if you mess up, you can restore back.
Turn off passcodes on your device
Close out of iTunes or Xcode if installed

1) Download Evasi0n for Windows, Mac or Linux
2) Open Evasi0n and connect your device to your computer
3) Once Evasi0n finds your device, click "Jailbreak"
4) Wait for the process to finish. Do not interrupt, go find something else to do. Then unlock your device. Tap on the icon that says "Jailbreak"
Your device will turn black for a moment and go back to home screen. On your computer, Evasi0n will tell you the jailbreak is complete. Congrats, you jailbroke your device!
For more information go to their official site http://evasi0n.com/
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