Welcome to iPod Touch Jailbreaking Info. It is a blog that tells you all about jailbreaking your iPod touch and iPhone.
     You may wonder what jailbreaking is. Jailbreaking is allowing your iPod Touch to do things that normally Apple would not allow. Once you jailbreak, you can do a lot more things. I mean a lot! This includes downloading free apps! So if you want to know why you should jailbreak, go to the Why Jailbreak section.
     Check out Jailbroken Apps and Jailbroken Tweaks page to see some cool apps and tweaks. To find download links for jailbreaking tools and firmware files, visit Downloads. Some other pages to view include How to SSH, Cydia, and Terminology. Feel free to browse my blog. If you find anything interesting or helpful, don't forget to share it with others. Below is the rest of my posts.

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